How to Fix your Scorched Lawn

How to deal with Scorched Lawns and Barren Landscapes

It is not difficult to see how this recent and, dare I say it, perpetual warmer weather has affected our landscape. From acres of agricultural grass fields in the countryside to streets upon streets of lawns in the ‘burbs there are not many areas that have remained lush and green this spring-summer.

There are a number of things you can do to repair your lawn.

    Obviously, the key to maintaining a lush green lawn and reviving brown patches, quality and suitable grass seed varieties aside, is to water them. Our advice would be to keep watering your lawns, in the evening or early morning, to avoid any further damage caused by dry conditions. If possible, soak the lawn and concentrate primarily on areas which see full sun for long spells during the day, once a fortnight only.
  2. MOW:
    Do not mow your lawn too short or too often. A height of no more than around 3.5cm is sufficient. If you cut your grass too short you will damage the blades and it will appear dryer and flatter.
  3. FEED:
    Fertilise your lawns with caution. Due to the recent dry conditions we have experienced we would recommend an application of a liquid spring/summer fertiliser. An application of this, 6 weeks before a change in temperature and conditions should prepare the seed bed well for re-seeding or overseeding.
  4. ASSESS:
    Assess your grass before making any decisions on seed.Decide whether your grass can be revived or not before cutting brown patches out to completely re-seed. If you look closely and there are some green shoots, this means that the grass is just dormant and it will repair itself. OVERSEED in order to restore a dense lush green sward and greater overall appearance.

    If there are no signs of life then you will need to RE-SEED.

    Prepare to seed. Inevitably – but for some, hopefully not too soon – the cooler and wetter climes we have all become accustomed to in the UK will return. If anything is “coming home” this year it will almost certainly be this!

For burned lawns which are in need of a re-seed:-

  1. First, remove the burned grass and a depth of around an inch of soil with a shovel
  2. Apply topsoil, rake and level it out
  3. Apply a pre-seed fertiliser to encourage growth
  4. Re-seed with our SUPREME HARDWEAR LAWN.
  5. Water the lawn and refrain from cutting for a minimum of 4 weeks.

For overseeding dry patches which still show some signs of life:-

  1. Bring your lawn back to life with our special 2kgs SUMMER LAWN GRASS REPAIR MIX
  2. First, prepare the area first by scarifying and removing as much dry grass, weeds and thatching as possible.
  3. Apply a granular pre-seed fertiliser to improve your chances of grass recovery
  4. Sprinkle the seed by hand to the affected areas or use a spreader
  5. Water the lawn and refrain from cutting for a minimum of 4 weeks.