Our Agricultural Leys

Our Supreme Range of grass ley mixtures are specifically designed to incorporate some of the best available varieties, tried and tested in UK conditions.

The range is made up of 6 mixtures to suit a range of requirements.

An overview of Supreme Agricultural Ley mixtures by Greenland Seeds Ltd


Our Agricultural Ley mixtures


Supreme Short Term

A superb 2 to 3 year intensive silage and grazing Ley. This agricultural mix grass seed mix gives good early & late season bite, plus very high silage yields with high sugar content for ultimate forage quality. Can be cut up to 4 times per year or used for zero grazing.


Supreme Medium Term

A grass seed mixture designed for 3-5 years duration. This medium term grass mix is ideal for dual purpose usage on a mixed livestock farm. It suits intensive regimes for dairy or silage systems. Our Supreme Medium Term Grass Seed Mix contains no clover; enabling easy, cost efficient broad leaf weed control after establishment.


Supreme Super Cut

Our Supreme Agricultural Range our Supreme Supercut Silage Grass Seed Mix is a longer duration specialist cutting mixture capable of 5 to 6 years of top quality forage production. This mixture contains leading grass varieties with high cutting scores, plus Timothy to help fill the mid-summer gap. Soluble carbohydrate/ sugar levels are outstanding. Top quality grass seed combined with good ground cover & persistency.


Supreme Long Term Dual

Classed as a “Longer term” mixture it can be expected to have a duration of a minimum of 5 to 7 years. This is perhaps the most popular grass seed mixture we sell. Part of our popular and highly recommended Supreme Agricultural Range this Long Term Dual Purpose Grass Seed Mixture is a highly flexible and productive long term Ley. The mixture is inclusive of a high quality White Clover Blend containing medium and large leaved varieties. It is absolutely perfect for a range of livestock situations, gives exceptional high sugar silage, and highly digestible aftermaths.


Supreme Permanent

Our Supreme Permanent Grass Seed Mixture is an exceptionally hardy and persistent grass seed ley mix, suited to a minimum 8 to 10 years duration. Packed with top Diploid Perennial Ryegrasses to provide a dense and durable bottom to the sward. Diploids make this mixture ideally conducive to grazing over a very long period. It gives you the flexibility to make silage, haylage or hay. It is a first choice for combined Sheep & Cattle enterprises.


Supreme Total Graze

Supreme Total Graze is an outstanding quality long term grazing mixture suitable for both dairy cows and other ruminant livestock. It contains only late perennial ryegrasses. The robust nature of this Ley design means not only will it last for a very long time (a minimum 8 years), but it is suited to a range of locations and soil types. This highly digestible leafy sward of high sugar grasses will enhance meat & milk production due to the palatability and nutritional gain from the leading varieties in the mixture.

Supreme Total Graze can be ordered with or without a specialist grazing blend of White Clovers – for details and advice please contact us.

If none of these mixtures suit your requirements, please contact us to discuss a bespoke mixture.